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WMBA 6990 Week 3 Analyzing the Purpose of the Organization

WMBA 6990 Week 3 Analyzing the Purpose of the Organization

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WMBA 6990 Week 3 Analyzing the Purpose of the Organization

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WMBA 6990: Capstone: Sustainable Business Practices and Strategies



Part 3: Analyzing the Purpose of the Organization

How Organizational Purpose Can Empower a Business Strategy

An organizational purpose is a powerful tool for defining and empowering business strategies. A company’s purpose is its reason for existing and is the basis for its mission, vision, and values. It sets the tone for the behavior and actions of the business, providing a guiding force in competitive markets. With a clearly defined purpose, businesses can make ethical decisions, set objectives, and unite employees under the same goals.

Tesla Motors provides a good example of how organizational purpose can empower business strategy. The mission of Tesla is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” which serves as the foundation for their business strategies (Goel, 2021). This mission has allowed them to focus on creating electric vehicles, investing in renewable energy sources, and promoting eco-friendly transportation. Their mission guides their decision-making process and helps them to stay dedicated to their purpose.

Tesla’s mission has also enabled them to set clear objectives, such as creating innovative electric vehicles that are high-quality, safe, and affordable. To do this, the company continuously improves its research and development efforts and invests in new technology (Qin et al., 2022). The purpose of creating electric vehicles is to improve sustainability and reduce global emissions, encouraging Tesla to collaborate with governments worldwide and invest in renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Furthermore, Tesla’s purpose serves as a unifying force amongst employees, connecting them to the company’s objectives and fostering loyalty to the firm. This has been particularly important during difficult economic times and in competitive markets, as it is a reminder of why the company exists and why its employees should be dedicated to their work (Goel, 2021). Additionally, when customers purchase Tesla products, they get more than just a quality product—they get an assurance that the product is helping to create a more sustainable future.

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A Purpose-Driven Organization

A purpose-driven organization is an organization that has a clear mission or vision that sets the foundation for the company’s activities and decisions. This type of organization focuses on the company’s ultimate goal and provides meaning, direction, and motivation to its members and all stakeholders (Mark Whittington, 2021). This approach leads to a competitive business strategy as it provides a sense of direction and creates an environment where employees and other stakeholders are motivated to work towards a shared goal.

Tesla Motors is an example of a purpose-driven organization. The company was founded in 2003 to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla’s business is based on this purpose and its commitment to creating innovative and reliable electric vehicles (Qin et al., 2022). This purpose gives its customers a sense of connection to the company, as they can feel good about their purchase and have confidence in its ability to deliver on its promise.

Tesla has also created a set of values that it follows, such as “Do the right thing,” “Think long-term,” and “Be bold.” These values give the company’s employees a sense of direction and motivation, enabling them to remain focused on achieving their ultimate goal (Mark Whittington, 2021). Furthermore, Tesla’s purpose-driven strategy allows it to remain agile and responsive in the face of change. The company is constantly innovating and launching new initiatives to help achieve its mission.

Finally, Tesla’s purpose-driven approach has been beneficial in terms of loyalty and trust. The company’s commitment to sustainability has allowed it to gain customers’ trust and approval. Additionally, by creating a positive work environment and providing its employees with clear goals and values, Tesla has created loyalty and motivation. This ultimately leads to higher efficiency and productivity, helping the company achieve its desired outcomes and success.

Space X’s Organization’s Structure

SpaceX is a pioneer in space exploration and technology development, aiming to make space travel more efficient and, therefore, more accessible. Its organizational structure has been essential in achieving its goals, enabling the company to take advantage of strategic opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. First, SpaceX has been able to capitalize on innovative technology and ideas, such as the Falcon Heavy rocket and reusable spacecraft (Liu, 2021). According to the SpaceX organization chart, a few key departments comprise the company’s infrastructure. These include engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and operations. Consequently, with an effective organizational structure in place, it has allowed SpaceX to develop advanced technologies and efficiently allocate resources to create new products.

The utilization of risk management has also been an important part of the company’s success, with the implementation of a culture that encourages testing, analyzing, and research. By studying failure data, SpaceX has identified potential risks for future missions and created strategies to reduce the chances of unfavorable outcomes. Moreover, these strategies have allowed the company to save time and money by avoiding costly errors resulting from inadequate risk assessment methods. Additionally, SpaceX has made great strides in sustainability by reducing carbon emissions, utilizing solar energy resources, and recycling materials (Liu, 2021). Through this, the company has successfully promoted environmental consciousness and compliance with ethical standards while maintaining profitability and profitability.

Finally, with the right organizational structure, SpaceX has remained competitive in the industry. The company’s focus on continuous innovation and the ability to allocate resources effectively has enabled SpaceX to stand out from its competitors while remaining profitable. This subsequently allows the company to capitalize on new opportunities and develop advanced products that meet customer demands.


In conclusion, organizational purpose and an effective organizational structure are essential for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Organizations with a clear mission and vision can focus on their core goals, making ethical decisions and setting objectives that will benefit the company in the long run. Moreover, by creating a set of values, they can foster employee loyalty and create a culture of motivation. Additionally, organizations with purpose-driven strategies can often remain agile and respond quickly to market demands. Lastly, having a well-structured organizational chart allows companies to capitalize on new opportunities while ensuring that resources are efficiently allocated to important projects and initiatives. All in all, these two core components are crucial for organizations to stay competitive and achieve success.



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