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Week 7 Assignment: Course Project Final Report

Week 7 Assignment: Course Project Final Report

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Week 7 Assignment: Course Project Final Report


This Week 7 Assignment: Course Project Final Report assignment aims to present the results of the database project.

Course Outcomes

This activity enables you to meet the following course outcomes:

  1. Utilize critical inquiry and judgment to evaluate the design, development, implementation, and outcomes of data management strategies for nursing and healthcare data. (PO 5)
  2. Synthesize implications, strategies, and practices of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom continuum as a foundation for managing healthcare data and information. (PO 3)
  3. Synthesize contributions of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom model and database principles and practices to the support of evidence-based practice. (PO 5)
  4. Analyze the expression of data concepts and nursing concepts in data representations found in healthcare. (PO 5)


Due Date

Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 7

Total Points Possible

250 points

Assignment Overview

Develop PowerPoint (12-15 slides) providing an overview of the project. Use the database plan as a guide, updating as needed. All work done during this course, including discussion threads, assignment papers, appendices, and references, may be used to develop this report. Corrections and updates based on feedback are expected.


The presentation will include the following:

  • Establish in the introduction the topic and organization of presentation.
  • Provide the reason(s) for the database, including any supporting evidence.
  • Describe the database developed for the course, showing or narrating the three models: conceptual, logical, and physical. This can be presented as text, graphics, or a combination.
  • Present relational tables in standard format, with primary keys identified, any secondary keys identified if used, attributes with one data characteristic for each attribute, and normalization issues identified and resolved.
  • Include 3 questions that guided database design.
  • Describe how database was tested.
  • Report the results of testing the database and any revisions needed to the database as a result of testing.
  • Conclude with a recap of the database project and insights gained from working on this project.


Assignment Instructions

  • Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Provide a copy of the database that was developed for your project.
  • Provide speaker notes for each slide, except for title and references slides, and provide sufficient depth to allow someone else to take over the presentation.
  • Use scholarly sources no older than five years unless permission of the class professor was requested and granted.
  • Use a minimum of three references.
  • Use graduate-level writing.
  • Follow the rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure to be consistent with formal, scholarly writing as noted in the APA Manual (current edition).
  • The presentation length is 12-15 slides.


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Revision Process

If you do not receive at least a proficient rating in any content category, you can re-submit your assignment with revision to that content category to improve the points earned within that specific section. Please note the following guidelines:

  • After receiving your assignment grade, you have one opportunity to resubmit.
  • In order to resubmit, your initial submission must have been a complete assignment. Rough drafts will not be graded or allowed for resubmission.
  • Only content sections that did not receive at least a proficient rating with the first submission may be revised to earn a better score in that content category. APA format and writing style will not be re-graded.
  • Points possible for revised and resubmitted work will not exceed the “proficient” rubric category (84%).
  • Any revision must be submitted for re-evaluation within 7 days after the assignment grade is posted. For example, if your assignment grade is posted on Friday at 12 noon MT, you have until the following Friday at 12 noon MT to resubmit any content area that did not earn a proficient rating.
  • Within 7 days from your resubmission, the class instructor will post your score for the resubmitted work.

Steps to follow for resubmission of a content section within an assignment that did not earn a proficient rating on the rubric:

  • Contact your class instructor privately via email, phone, or Canvas private message to inform them that you plan to resubmit a content section of the assignment that did not receive a proficient rating on the rubric.
  • Submit the assignment in its entirety (including the rewritten content section) within 7 days of the original assignment grade being posted.

Assignment Criteria

Assessment Criteria Points % Description
Introduction 20 8 Introduction establishes topic and organization of presentation
Reason 25 10 Reason for database provided, including supporting evidence
Database structure 25 10 Structure of student’s database described, including conceptual, logical, and physical models.
Relational Tables 25 10 All relation tables shown, with primary and secondary keys, attributes with data characteristics, and identification and resolution of normalization issues.
Questions/Queries 25 10 Three questions developed for database plan in Week 3, with any updates.
Testing 25 10 Description of how database was tested, with results and any necessary changes.
Conclusion 25 10 Recap of project and conclusions on success of project and insights on information management developed from working on the project.
Speaker Notes 30 12 Speaker notes are present on each required slide and are sufficient to allow someone else to take over the presentation.
Number of Slides 10 4 Presentation uses 12–15 slides.
Graduate-Level Writing Style  20 8 No APA-format, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors and 3 scholarly, timely references are present.
Database 20 8 The database is uploaded in addition to the power point.
Total 250 100% A quality assignment will meet or exceed the above requirements.
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