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Trends Influencing Higher Education

Trends Influencing Higher Education

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Trends Influencing Higher Education


To discuss Trends Influencing Higher Education, this essay will look at the Key Trends That Influence the Adoption of Technology by Institutions of Higher Learning.

Trends in education have developed to an unprecedented level of advancement in the current society. The existence of a rapidly changing technology and the need for different learning environments has overseen the development of designated trends that are necessary for student growth in higher education institutions through progressive and meaningful learning. The impact of these trends on education in institutions of higher learning will be exhaustively discussed.

A constantly evolving culture of innovation and technology has been experienced recently. Contemporary society can be considered a generation of technological insight and innovation that can apply its ingenuity in influencing how technology relates to and changes education (NMC Horizon Report, 2016). As a student, the application of technology in the classroom has been, without doubt, an advantage. It has increased my learning abilities as one can understand a topic of concern more. To breed a more aggressive and futuristic culture of students, institutions of higher learning must incorporate technology in their learning systems to enable the student to access more information at any given time. Technology in higher learning institutes allows access to materials by several users, as they are stored in easily downloadable formats and models. The move by most institutions to welcome the move has been felt with significant impact as a more informed a knowledgeable society has been consecutively developed. This trend seeks to improve information sharing, thus, more profound understanding.


Trends Influencing Higher Education


The redesigning of learning strategies and spaces has presented itself as a necessary factor of consideration due to changes in technological advancement and practical skill requirements. According to the (NMC Horizon Report) 2016, a student-centered approach aims at configuring learning strategies regarding and considering ways and modes that favor the student. Its effectiveness as a mid-term trend has been recognized through research conducted by Ball State University. An ample learning space renovated, well-aerated, and blended for the intended course impacted the learner’s motivation.

The widespread use of portable mobile internet technology devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and Kindles has necessitated reviewing how a learning space should be reorganized. An evident manifestation of this trend is the elimination of reading materials such as books and journals from the library shelves to online libraries, and the space left is replaced with more collaborative student facilities. Adopting new learning spaces and renovating existing ones is necessary to improve the student’s concentration power during the learning process.

Increased use of student blended learning designs has been recognized as a significant improvement in employee development and organization. In an analysis of student performance in upper chemistry, research by the University of Massachusetts concluded that a blended format significantly impacted students’ learning abilities and absorption rates of information and knowledge (NMC Horizon Report, 2016). A higher academic achievement is achieved by tailoring an educational system or learning program regarding the student’s interests, hence a more successful generation. This short-term trend needs to be improved regularly due to the diverse nature of mental and psychological differences in human beings. Through the use of learner-based educational systems in programs, I was able to experience a better mode of understanding and retaining knowledge. The congruent improvement of learning blended designs is a trend that will undoubtedly influence learning in higher education institutions in a positive way.

In conclusion, applying these learning improvement trends is unavoidable in improving education in higher learning boards. From my experience, their assimilation has been positive as they improve mental involvement and, hence, quicker and more efficient understanding. Their incorporation into the learning systems of higher education institutions will create a notable influence through skill improvement and passing examinations.



NMC Horizon Report, (2016). Higher Education Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.



Choose three trends, challenges, or developments (or some combination) from the report. For each, describe what you find most interesting about it. Also, describe how it relates to your experience in higher education and how it might affect your learning (or professional work).


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