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The Role of Nurses In COVID

The Role of Nurses In COVID

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The Role of Nurses In COVID


Discuss the Role of Nurses In COVID vaccination mandate, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing as advocates in the healthcare system. Nurses are well positioned to reform health care in ways that promote a healthier public and reduce healthcare costs.

The discussion must address the topic.

Rationale must be provided

May use examples from your nursing practice

150 words minimum (excluding the reference)

Minimum of two references in APA format within the last five years published


Nurses play a vital role in reforming healthcare by advocating for policies and practices that promote a healthier public and reduce healthcare costs. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have been at the forefront of vaccination efforts, actively participating in vaccine administration and education campaigns. Their expertise and trusted position within communities make them influential advocates for COVID vaccination mandates. Nurses can provide evidence-based information, address vaccine hesitancy concerns, and encourage individuals to get vaccinated, thus contributing to higher vaccination rates and reducing the spread of the virus. Through their advocacy, nurses can help prevent further outbreaks, save lives, and mitigate the economic burden of the pandemic on the healthcare system.

Furthermore, nurses are instrumental in promoting telemedicine as a cost-effective and accessible solution for healthcare delivery. With their knowledge and skills in patient assessment, monitoring, and care coordination, nurses can facilitate virtual consultations, triage patients, and provide remote healthcare services. By embracing telemedicine, nurses can help reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions, leading to cost savings for patients and the healthcare system. Nurses can also advocate for policies that support reimbursement for telehealth services, expand broadband access, and ensure patient privacy and confidentiality in virtual care settings.


The Role of Nurses In COVID


Additionally, nurses can advocate for fair and affordable prescription drug pricing. As frontline healthcare providers, nurses witness the impact of exorbitant drug costs on patients’ health outcomes and financial well-being. They can engage in grassroots advocacy, collaborate with policy-makers, and support initiatives to increase transparency in drug pricing, promote generic and affordable alternatives, and advocate for policies that address pharmaceutical industry practices that contribute to high drug prices. By advocating for reasonable prescription drug pricing, nurses can reduce the financial burden on patients, improve medication adherence, and ensure equitable access to essential medications.

In my nursing practice, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of nurses’ advocacy efforts in these areas. During the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, nurses in my organization played a crucial role in administering vaccines, educating patients about vaccine safety and efficacy, and addressing concerns and misconceptions. Their presence and influence significantly contributed to high vaccination rates among staff and patients. Additionally, our organization implemented telemedicine services, and nurses played an essential role in training and supporting patients in navigating virtual consultations. They also collaborated with healthcare providers to coordinate seamless care between virtual and in-person visits. Moreover, nurses in my practice have been actively involved in advocacy initiatives to address the rising costs of prescription drugs, such as participating in letter-writing campaigns and engaging in discussions with policymakers to raise awareness about the impact of high drug prices on patient care.

In conclusion, nurses are well-positioned as advocates within the healthcare system to promote a healthier public and reduce healthcare costs. Nurses can significantly impact public health outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and equitable access to care through their involvement in COVID vaccination mandates, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing advocacy. Their expertise, patient-centred approach, and trusted relationships with patients and communities are invaluable in shaping policies and practices that lead to meaningful reform in healthcare.


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