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The Nursing Shortage

The Nursing Shortage

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The Nursing Shortage


Complete this Nursing Shortage discussion in a 150–300 word response.

  • The nursing shortage is a global problem, which affects the host country and the migrating nurse’s country of origin. Please develop a response discussing the motivation for nurses to migrate and the problems migration creates for the host country and country of origin.
  • Describe the process for foreign-educated nurses to achieve credentialing and demonstrate language competency in the United States.




The nursing shortage is a global problem that affects the host country and the migrating nurse’s country of origin. Please develop a response discussing the motivation for nurses to migrate and the issues migration creates for the host country and country of origin.

Some issues that motivate nurses to migrate to other countries are career advancement, better quality of life, economic opportunities, better education for their children, and better work environments. The opportunities to advance in nursing may not exist or be as prevalent as in the United States or other host countries. For example, we offer cutting-edge healthcare facilities with the most updated equipment and resources for our nurses. We have research and development teams to ensure we have the latest and best treatments and skills to treat our patients. We have continuing education courses and on-the-job training for management and administrative positions. We have facilities specializing in cancer, diabetes, and other specific illnesses. These options may not be available to them in their home country. The best quality of life that can be achieved is what everyone wants. Some of the home countries of migrating nurses do not offer healthcare, housing developments, shopping malls, and stores as we do in the U.S. Many of them have many hungry, homeless, and migrant people all around them. These nurses want better for their families and themselves. Most of the migrating nurses I work with stated that one of the main reasons for leaving their home country was better wages and a better education for their children. They noted that the schools were not as clean and safe as they are here and that, after high school, there were not many options for college courses and degrees.




One of my nurses stated that the work environment here is way better than what she left behind. For example, she noted that a lot of the time, running water was not available. They had to use bottled water to pass medications and give baths. The food quality was poor in the hospital. The building itself was run-down and neglected. They had no security at the building, and there were always people begging for money or drugs in the parking lot. That’s not a safe environment in which to work or live. The migration of nurses can pose a problem for both the host country and the country of origin.  For the host country, issues that can arise because of migration are that fewer nursing jobs will be available and competition will increase. Migrating nurses tend not to speak English fluently. This language barrier can pose a problem for healthcare because communication may not be clear and compelling for the patient. The country of origin may face problems from the migration of nurses as well. The shortage of nurses will become even shorter. Many countries invest in the education and training of nurses, but this will result in a loss of their investment (Rosenkoetter, et al,.2017).


Describe the process for foreign-educated nurses to achieve credentialing and demonstrate language competency in the U.S.                                                                                                                                                           

Migration nurses must accomplish requirements before they can practice in the United States. They are:

1. The migrating nurse must obtain a college degree in nursing.

2. The migrating nurse must have a license abroad as an RN.

3. Passing the English examination is the next step for the nurse.

4. The nurse must pass the NCLEX examination.




5. The nurse must get a job offer from a U.S. employer.

6. The nurse must get an RN license in the state of intended employment.

7. The nurse must also obtain a Visa-Screen certificate.

8. The nurse must get the approval of an I-140 visa petition.

9. When his or her priority date is current, get an immigrant visa abroad or, if he or she is lawfully present in the United States, apply for an adjustment of status.

10. When the RN is interviewed for an immigrant visa (green card), his or her spouse and children will be interviewed and granted immigrant visas together with the RN (CGFNS International, 2023).

CGFNS International (2023) How to work in the U.S. as a nurse


Rosenkoetter, M., Nardi, D., & Bowcutt, M. (2017). Internationally educated nurses in transition in the United States: Challenges and Mediators: The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing,48 (3), 139-144. DOI: 10.3928/00220124-20170220-10


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