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Team Management Assignment

Team Management Assignment

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Team Management Assignment


This team management assignment is an analysis of your class team. It is a paper.  Please use the textbook, the articles we have read, and other outside sources.

In terms of team interaction and effectiveness, please discuss and rate your team’s top two team variables from the list below.

Regarding team interaction and effectiveness, please discuss and rate two team variables from the list below where your team could have improved.

Team Charter————————————Cohesion

Team Design————————————-Leadership Style

Team Meeting———————————–Decision Making

Member Empowerment———————-Power bases

Communication Systems———————Conflict)

Interpersonal Communication————–Team Culture

Team Identity————————————–Team Name

other topic (identify)

How are you defining team effectiveness?

If you could start the semester over, what would you change and why?

What has each team member learned that will be used in work teams in the future?   (Go member by member)  Overall what did you team offer to the members.


Analysis of Team Interaction and Effectiveness


This paper analyzes our class team’s performance regarding team interaction and effectiveness. We will discuss and rate the top two team variables that our team excelled in, two areas where we could have improved, and share our definition of team effectiveness. Additionally, we will reflect on what changes we would make if we could start the semester over and what each team member has learned for future work team experiences.


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Team Variables We Excelled In

  1. Team Charter: Our team’s commitment to a well-structured team charter was one of our strengths. We created a clear document that outlined team goals, roles, responsibilities, and communication protocols. This gave us a shared understanding of our objectives and expectations, contributing to our effectiveness.
  2. Interpersonal Communication: Effective interpersonal communication was another area where our team excelled. We established open channels for dialogue, actively listened to each other, and provided constructive feedback. This created a positive team atmosphere where ideas could flow freely, fostering trust and mutual respect.

Team Variables Where Improvement Was Possible

  1. Leadership Style: While we did have a designated team leader, there were moments when the team could have improved in this area. Our leadership style could have been more adaptive, addressing the team’s evolving needs and projects. An occasional shift in leadership roles or a more democratic approach might have enhanced our performance.
  2. Conflict Management: Conflict management was another area where improvement was possible. We encountered occasional disagreements or differences in opinion that could hinder progress if not promptly addressed. A more proactive and structured approach to conflict resolution could have led to better outcomes.

Defining Team Effectiveness

From our perspective, team effectiveness is a team’s ability to achieve its objectives efficiently while fostering a positive team environment. It involves the harmonious collaboration of team members, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Team effectiveness also includes the successful accomplishment of team goals, both in terms of the outcomes and the personal and professional growth of team members.


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Changes for the Semester

If we could start the semester over, we would implement the following changes:

  1. Regular Team Check-Ins: We would schedule regular check-ins to ensure everyone’s voice was heard and any emerging issues could be addressed early. This proactive approach to communication would promote better cohesion.
  2. Conflict Resolution Training: Given our room for improvement in conflict management, we would consider team-wide conflict resolution training to equip ourselves with the skills to handle disagreements constructively.
Team Member Learnings
  • Team Member A: Learned the importance of clear communication and actively listening in a team setting. This will be invaluable for future work teams.
  • Team Member B: Gained a better understanding of leadership dynamics and the need for adaptability in leadership styles, a skill that will be crucial in future team endeavors.
  • Team Member C: Developed skills in conflict resolution and assertiveness, which will help navigate challenging team situations in the future.
  • Team Member D: Improved project management, enhancing the ability to coordinate tasks and ensure projects are completed efficiently in future teams.
  • Team Member E: Learned the significance of a well-defined team charter and how it can serve as a guiding document for effective teamwork in future projects.

Overall Team Contribution

Our team offered its members a supportive, communicative, and structured environment. Through teamwork, we learned valuable skills that will serve us well in future work teams, such as leadership adaptability, conflict resolution, and effective communication. Our team’s strengths lay in our commitment to a well-structured team charter and our ability to foster interpersonal communication. While there were areas for improvement, the lessons we’ve learned and the experiences we’ve gained will undoubtedly contribute positively to our future team endeavors.

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