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Security of IoT Devices

Security of IoT Devices

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Security of IoT Devices

CLC – Section 2

Security of IoT Devices Research questions

· How many cyberattacks related to IoT devices have occurred in the last 365 days?

· What is the primary reason IoT devices are not secure?

· On average, how much data do companies collect from IoT devices?

· What kinds of data do these companies collect, and why?


We believe that current situations involve security not being a top priority for companies and data collection becoming too intrusive to user privacy, and this could only increase in the future, given the current conditions. If cyberattacks and large-scale data collection continue without any improvement, then most consumers could lose complete interest in smart devices, which would eventually cause the IoT market to fail due to a lack of demand.


Security of IoT Devices


Data models

Data breaches related to IoT devices from 2020 to 2022:

Data collected from 2020 to 2025:

Security of IoT Devices System model


According to the first model, data breaches have increased each year. In 2020, under 5 million cyberattacks related to IoT devices occurred during most months of the year. October was the most dangerous month, with over 10 million attacks. 2021 showed a slight increase in cyberattacks per month. During 6 out of 12 months, over 5 million attacks occurred, and all months experienced under 10 million. In 2022, however, the number of cyberattacks dramatically increased. Over 5 million cyberattacks occurred per month, with 6 months reaching above 10 million. Overall, there was a general uptick in cyberattacks throughout each year. Slightly more than 3 million cyberattacks occurred in 2021 compared to 2020; however, the number of cyberattacks in 2022 nearly doubled compared to 2021. Increased attacks will cause the situation to worsen. Still, as time passes and hackers get smarter, they could find more creative ways to hack systems and extort victims, leading to more advanced and sophisticated methods with each new attack. If the state of IoT security continues the same way, it could continue to cause the trend to increase exponentially in the future.


Security of IoT Devices


According to the second model, more and more data is being collected as the years pass. The data shows that increases are exponential and are projected to continue rising to over 200 zettabytes (200 billion terabytes) in 2025. The increase looks somewhat consistent, but the forecasted data expects a slightly exponential increase as the years go by. While only 2% of this data is stored over the long term, this still means that 20-25 billion terabytes of data could be stored and sold in 2023 alone, possibly not even counting the data collected from previous years. This could further damage user trust if data collection continues to increase. More data being stored and in transit means greater chances of someone losing their private details to a malicious actor, especially since attacks are consistently increasing year after year.

Christian worldview

As we research this issue and analyze the data provided, we ensure that the values and virtues of a Christian worldview guide us. Throughout this process, we emphasize the integrity and respect of people affected by this issue and ensure that everyone involved is treated and viewed fairly and equally. Philippians 2:4 KJV says, “Look not every man on his things, but every man also on the things of others.” Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the data, privacy, and security of others are kept safe and that consumers are put first. As we research and develop our solution, we aim to ensure that this goal is our main motivation in everything we do. We do this by taking extra time to ensure that the data we collect is accurate and unbiased so we can properly approach and help solve the issue. Overall, we believe that aligning our research practices with these principles strengthens our analysis’s validity and promotes ethical decision-making and positive social impact.



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