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Roles of a Registered Nurse

Roles of a Registered Nurse

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Roles of a Registered Nurse


Explain about being a registered nurse (RN) in full detail and discuss the roles of a registered nurse.



Nursing has become vital in ensuring a hospital’s full performance under stipulated time guidelines and accurate descriptions. A registered nurse can be referred to as an individual who has been through nursing school, completed all the accredited requirements, and has been licensed by the nursing board of a specific country to undertake all works relatable to a nurse. Nursing was started by Nightingale, who chose to care for the wounded victims during the Crimean War rather than hide. Due to the sensitivity of the field, nurses are expected to have a stipulated minimum work shift, usually eight hours, and are kept free from any serious criminal convictions.

Job description

The nursing job fully entails caring for and attending to patients in a hospital or medical facility after receiving treatment or being admitted after a session with a doctor or surgeon. Nursing is involved in supporting the recovery of patients through carrying out care plans, assessments, and evaluations (Parahoo, 2014).


Roles of a Registered Nurse

Roles and Responsibilities

Registered nurses can perform various duties regarding their knowledge of handling humans with care. These may include;

  1. Working in a hospital under different fields and departments, taking care of patients, and ensuring minor treatments are undertaken about the problems faced by the patient
  2. Nurses are expected to observe, note and record patient behavior.
  3. Nurses are involved in conducting research concerning improving patient outcomes.
  4. Supervision of nurse aides
  5. Provide counseling and healthcare information to patients, and
  6. Administration of medicine and care services to weak patients.

Knowledge and skills needed to perform the job

To perform this job, the following skills must be met;

  1. Good organizational skills
  2. Be able to manage your stress in times of mental and physical trauma.
  3. She should possess a kind and caring personality due to the sympathetic nature of the job.
  4. Possess excellent communication skills as a word misunderstood may cost a life.
  5. Ability to socialize and interact freely with strangers.

The following are knowledge fields a registered should be eloquent in.

  1. Medicine and dental matters
  2. The psychology of human behavior and affective disorders.
  3. Mathematical knowledge and application of mathematical functions.
  4. Computers and use of the relevant software and programs
  5. The biology of human beings and the body’s response to various environmental factors or body condition

Roles of a Registered Nurse

Personality traits

A registered nurse should be a good communicator, tolerant of irritating people, and kind-hearted. Due to the fragile nature of the job, the registered nurse should be one of a solid emotional self to be able to deal with post-work stress and trauma (Polit, Beck, 2013).one should have high practices of self-control, be a person of integrity, be dependable, persistent in whatever he or she does, have an analytical mind which quickly attains problem-solving under times of high mental pressure. A registered person should pay attention to detail through the completion of tasks timely and in a manner of perfection.


Licensing and credentials

For licensing and credentialing as a nurse, one must be tested by the relevant bodies to validate that they have the right skills and basic knowledge to serve the position. One must pass the examinations offered at nursing school and be awarded a certificate for the degree program. After all this happens, one is accredited as a registered nurse and hence is now fully licensed by the government with the mandate to vet and licensed nurses.

Non-educational requirements

Other than what is learned in class, other areas assessed are; the cleanliness of an individual, the timeliness of an individual in how they do their duties, their civil and legal background, and are of sound, reasonable judgment.




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