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NURS-FPX4040: Managing Health Info and Tech

NURS-FPX4040: Managing Health Info and Tech

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Managing Health Info and Tech Lecturer for NURS-FPX4040 June 2022

Good day, everyone!
Welcome to my presentation on the significance of nursing-sensitive quality metrics. My name is Chaney Kevin.
The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is a quality measurement project that collects information on how hospital units are doing. This is done to improve how nursing care is evaluated.
The NDNQI was created in 1998 by the American Nurses Association (ANA) to address the need for evaluating nursing’s influence on healthcare (Lockhart 2018).
This database uses indicators for processes, organizational structures, and outcomes to measure nursing care and make sure it is of high quality.

Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators: What Are They?

The Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators (NSQI) are a set of statistics that track how well patients are doing after receiving nursing care.
Afaneh, Abu-Moghli, and Ahmad (2021) say that the NSQI gives a way to judge how good nursing care is.
The three categories of nursing-sensitive quality indicators are structure, procedure, and outcome.
Examples of process indicators include the evaluation of patient assessment and nursing work satisfaction, whereas structural indicators include nurse turnover, nurse personnel, their abilities, and education/certification.
Pressure ulcers and patient falls resulting in injuries are two examples of outcome indicators.

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Choose Quality Indicator

I have chosen to discuss outcome indicators in my assessment.
These measurements show how well the program works to improve things in the short, medium, and long term.

In the United States, pressure ulcers are the most common outcome indicator.
Pressure sores and pressure ulcers are wounds on the skin or underlying tissue primarily brought on by friction or continuous pressure.
High-pressure ulcer incidence in hospitals is a sign of low-

(2018) Yang George
Since ulcers are a sensitive indicator of nursing quality, it is important to teach new nurses about them.

Gathering and Sharing Quality Indicator Data

Every patient is evaluated on specific days to gather data on the prevalence of pressure ulcers, which is then used to help hospitals generate quarterly reports for PU.

Ebi, Hirko, and Mijena (2019) claim that the facility divides the number of patients with PU by the total number of patients examined to calculate the proportion of patients with PU.
The results are then compared statistically to see if there has been an improvement.
Additionally, this information is employed to compare nurse performance among facilities and rank departments within the facility (Ebi, Hirko, and Mijena 2019).
The research’s findings are then shared with several departments and interdisciplinary teams.
Then, departments and interdisciplinary teams use electronic tools like email and SMS to send data to specific healthcare specialists so that all decision-makers can access it for potential future development (Ebi, Hirko, and Mijena 2019).
Nursing informatics’ additional responsibilities include educating other healthcare workers on accurately recording health information to determine whether nursing treatments have the desired effects on patients.


Any facility must provide high-quality nursing care since it guarantees patient pleasure and safety.
The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is a quality measurement project that collects information on how hospital units are doing. This is done to improve how nursing care is evaluated.
There are three different kinds of quality indicators for nursing, including.

Are the structure and result of a process.
The program’s success in achieving either short-term, intermediate-term or long-term changes is measured by outcome indicators such as pressure ulcer markers.

Pressure sores and pressure ulcers are wounds on the skin or underlying tissue primarily caused by friction or continuous pressure.
By monitoring, nurses can stop other infections that can develop from pressure sores, improving patient outcomes.
Patient repositioning, skincare, a healthy diet, and pressure-relieving support surfaces like pneumatic mattresses are the final therapies for preventing PU.

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