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NURS 6512 Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

NURS 6512 Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

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NURS 6512 Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

Assessment Tools and Diagnostic Tests in Adults and Children

Walden University
NURS 6512: Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

Health Assessment of Children’s Weight
This week’s assignment was based on an overweight(5-year-old boy with overweight parents.
America’s epidemic of obesity impacts children and teenagers greatly.

The health issues and risks of child obesity
Obesity is not only a disorder; it is also costly and puts people at risk for certain health issues
(CDC, 2017). There are multiple and important effects of excess weight. The risk of heart
disease, stroke, diabetes, other cancers, asthma, arthritis, and gallbladder disease is increased
with obesity. In children and teenagers it raises the likelihood that they may become overweight
and overweight, including obesity, elevated cholesterol, orthopedic conditions, sleep apnea,
diabetes and low self-esteem. The threats to neurological and bone disorders and joints in
children treated for obesity are often higher than those of non-obese children (CDC, 2017).
The decline in attendance and academic performance has been certainly related to obese or
overweight in children. A recent CDC study of 50 studies has shown that physical activity
improves academic achievement for students in fields such as grades and expectations (CDC,


Additional Information
The first step in contributing to the weight of a child is a full physical examination to decide
whether irregular findings are present. The outcomes of the physical assessment may provide a
sure approach to a particular issue or lifestyle and to tender for improvement. The parent is
tracked for weight, questions about physical activity and food preferences as well as eating
habits, and information on the likelihood of obesity is provided by height to weight ratios

(Obesity Society 2014). Financial condition should also be recognized and the healthcare
professional should be able to suggest imaginable services for assistance if necessary. The
partnership between health professionals and parents gives parents the ability to consider the
overweight of their child in the early stages to provide time for intervention and prevention
(Fuemmeler, Lovelady, Zucker, & Østbye, 2013).

Interview for further information
Motivational interview has been shown to be an effective means of guiding behavior
change in children and adolescents (Naar-King & Suarez, 2011). Research on the use of
Motivational interview with adolescents has recently begun to appear in the literature. Older
children and adolescents seeking treatment for obesity-related behavior change are often brought
to the clinical setting against their will. This may create initial tension in the therapeutic
relationship. As stated previously, the key components of Motivational interview empathy,
honesty, and collaboration must be used with children and adolescents to foster a culture of
mutual respect between provider and patient (Fuemmeler, Lovelady, Zucker, & Østbye, 2013).

Specific questions
1. How important is it to have a healthy weight for your child?
2. What makes you most worried about the weight of your child?
iii. What do you think you should do to be healthier as a family?
1. If you were to start exercising more, do you think it would reduce your weight?

Prevention strategies
The subject of obesity is tackled by various approaches. These strategies include:
1. Enabling diets with low saturated fats and sugars and healthy lifestyle
2. An annual body mass index estimate tests the height and weight of an individual in adult
and children (Obesity Society, 2014).
Parents should ensure that they observe their children’s lifestyle and ensure healthy diet to keep
their weight in check.

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