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NRS 410V GCU Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients Health

NRS 410V GCU Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients Health

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NRS 410V GCU Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients Health

Assignment Description


NRS 410V GCU Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients Health assignment instructions:

  • Discuss the resources available for chronic cardiorespiratory issues to support patient independence and prevent readmission.
  • Explain how readmission affects reimbursement.
  • What implications does readmission have on the hospital and the patient?



To enhance patient independence and avoid readmission, chronic cardiorespiratory problems necessitate a comprehensive strategy. These objectives can be attained through a variety of tools and tactics.

Programs for Pulmonary Rehabilitation: People with long-term cardiorespiratory disorders can benefit from programs for pulmonary rehabilitation by feeling better physically and psychologically. These programs include various services, such as physical fitness instruction, disease management knowledge, and psychosocial support. Patients can improve their physical fitness, lessen symptoms, and gain self-management skills by participating in pulmonary rehabilitation, encouraging independence, and lowering the readmission risk.

Home health care services: Home health care services can offer ongoing medical attention and assistance for patients with continuing cardiorespiratory conditions. Skilled healthcare professionals can make home visits to monitor patients’ needs, deliver treatments, teach them about self-care, and ensure that drug regimens are followed. Examples of these professionals include nurses and respiratory therapists. Home health care services encourage patient independence by enabling people to get necessary treatment in the comfort of their homes. They can also assist in preventing readmission by treating potential issues as soon as they arise.

Healthcare professionals can remotely examine and manage patients with chronic cardiorespiratory problems because of telemedicine and remote monitoring technologies. Healthcare experts can monitor patients’ vital signs, evaluate symptoms, modify prescriptions, and offer education and support through virtual visits and remote monitoring devices. These innovations make care more easily accessible, enable prompt interventions, and give patients the tools they need to manage their diseases properly, lowering the need for hospital readmission.


NRS 410V GCU Pathophysiology & Nursing Management of Clients Health


Patients can prevent readmissions with the knowledge and resources to manage their conditions independently. The ability of patients to manage their chronic cardiorespiratory problems on their own can be improved by providing complete education on disease management, including appropriate drug usage, symptom detection, lifestyle adjustments, and adherence to treatment programs. Supporting patients’ ability to manage their conditions gives them the information and self-assurance to take preventative action, averting exacerbations and decreasing the likelihood of readmission.

The term “readmission” describes a circumstance in which a patient is quickly readmitted to the hospital for the same or a related condition after being released. Readmissions can significantly impact insurance payouts and the entire healthcare system.

Readmissions may have a negative financial impact on a hospital from a reimbursement standpoint. Reimbursement for hospital services is frequently dependent on quality indicators, such as readmission rates. Higher readmission rates might cost hospitals money through decreased government and private payer reimbursements. To reduce readmissions and enhance patient outcomes, hospitals have a financial incentive to do so.

Readmission can have a variety of effects on people. The continuity of treatment is first and foremost disrupted, and further physical and mental stress may result. Readmission frequently entails a time in the hospital, which could lead to higher healthcare bills, missed work or class, and a lower quality of life. Frequent readmissions may also indicate ineffective illness management or weak support networks, emphasizing the need for better care coordination and patient education.

Hospitals frequently work to improve care transitions, fortify discharge planning procedures, and expand post-discharge support to lessen the effects of readmissions. Hospitals can enhance patient outcomes, lower readmission rates, and maximize healthcare resources by concentrating on these areas and utilizing existing resources.

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