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Leadership Traits

Leadership Traits

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After reading the article, you need to identify one leader who stands out in your mind. Describe why you personally believe this person to be a leader in society, and which characteristics associated with leadership this person demonstrates.


Find the articles below from the Online Library. Then, read and cite one of the articles below in your discussion. Post your initial discussion post by Wednesday, and two response posts by Friday.

Azad, N., Anderson Jr, H. G., Brooks, A., Garza, O., O’Neil, C., Stutz, M. M., & Sobotka, J. L. (2017). Leadership and Management Are One and the Same. American Journal Of Pharmaceutical Education, 81(6), 1-5.
Ellis, P., & Abbott, J. (2014). Leadership and management skills in health care. British Journal of Cardiac Nursing, 9(2), 96-99.
Fernandes Carvalho, A. G., Kowal Olm Cunha, I. C., Pazetto Balsanelli, A., & Bernardes, A. (2016). Authentic leadership and the personal and professional profile of nurses. Acta Paulista De Enfermagem, 29(6), 618-625. doi:10.1590/1982-0194201600087
Roberts-Turner, R., Hinds, P. S., Nelson, J., Pryor, J., Robinson, N. C., & Jichuan, W. (2014). Effects of Leadership Characteristics on Pediatric Registered Nurses’ Job Satisfaction. Pediatric Nursing, 40(5), 236-256.
Schebella Souto de Moura, G. M., Furlan Inchauspe, J. A., Dall’Agnol, C. M., de Magalhães, A. M., & Viecili Hoffmeister, L. (2013). Expectations of the nursing staff in relationship to leadership. Acta Paulista De Enfermagem, 26(2), 198-204.
Items to include in this discussion:

Identify one leader who stands out in your mind and describe why you believe this person is a leader in society.
Describe which characteristics associated with leadership this person demonstrates.

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Discussion Rubric

CRITERIA Excellent (20) Good (13-19) Fair (8-13) Poor (1-7) Not Demonstrated (0) Content/ Comprehension -Critical thinking -Evidence -Construction

*Addresses discussion question completely *Demonstrates understanding of course content and synthesis of concepts *Offers clear point of view and details to support evidence

*Discussion question is not completely addressed, but post shows an understanding of course content * Point of view is somewhat unclear *Detail is appropriate but limited

* Discussion question is addressed, but the post does not demonstrate the depth of understanding of course content *Point of view is unclear *Detail is underdeveloped or not appropriate for the post

* Discussion question is minimally addressed *Detail supporting evidence or point of view is missing

* Both the initial post and all peer responses are missing

Engagement/ Classroom Interaction -Initial post -Peer responses

* Submits at least 2 peer responses *Initial post is 2-3 paragraphs in length *Extends discussion thread by providing an evaluation of viewpoints relating to other’s ideas and/or offering new ideas and supporting detail *Uses scholarly reference sources beyond course materials. At least one scholarly reference is listed for the initial post

*Submits at least 2 peer responses *Initial post is 2 paragraphs in length One of the following has occurred: *Peer responses are limited and do not extend the discussion thread *Only course material used as reference sources

*One of the following has occurred: *Initial post is 1 paragraph in length *Missing 1 peer response *Ideas offered in peer responses lack depth *No references are cited

*One of the following has occurred: *Missing the initial post *Missing 2 peer responses

* Both the initial post and all peer responses are missing

Mechanics -Spelling -Grammar -APA

*Writing is coherent, organized and easy to follow. *No spelling, APA or grammatical errors *Scholarly references used from a wide range of sources and are ≤ five years old

*Writing is mostly easy to follow with clear writing * No more than 1 spelling, grammatical or APA error

*Writing has some unclear parts *2-3 spelling or grammatical errors present *2-3 APA errors present * Only course materials used for scholarly references

*Post is poorly organized and hard to read; does not flow logically *≥ 3 spelling or grammatical errors *≥ 3 APA errors *Some references not cited OR all references ≥ 5 years old

* Both the initial post and all peer responses are missing



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