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ICT114 – Web Development

ICT114 – Web Development

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ICT114 – Web Development


On this ICT114 – Web Development assignment, you are tasked with creating your own website. This semester you are required to design and develop a Personal Website that is small, unique, and professional in appearance. It must be about yourself and your career ambitions.

Remember this website must be coded by you. If you use any JavaScript code from other sources, you must provide references to it. Use of any existing templates, or frameworks, or bootstrap technologies will attract ZERO marks .

Due date: 26 May 2023. 5:00PM
Weighting: 40%
Length and Format: A word document and a zip file containing website.
Assessment Details: Students must create their personal website consisting of 8 web pages (minimum) including a form that uses JavaScript for validation.

The assignment is divided into two parts which are intended to reinforce the iterative methodology used in a typical project. Part A requires each student to prepare a design document for their website. Part B, builds on part A, requires them to build a website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Assessment addresses SLOs
a Analyse and model requirements and constraints for the design of client-server applications
b Describe and use mark-up languages, client, and server-side scripting to access and manipulate data
C Develop a simple website demonstrating the use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
e communicate with stakeholders and specialists regarding web-related issues, such as security, hosting, resource allocation, user access, availability, and scalability.


Marking Criteria Please refer to Marking Rubric on Canvas


ICT114 – Web Development

Bachelor of Information Technology Wentworth Institute of Higher Education, 302 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

ICT114 – Web Development Marking Criteria

The HTML of the website must be HTML5 compliant with <!DOCTYPE> declaration. Structural tags mut be used. Avoid using <table> tag if possible. The HTML form in the contact us page must be clear in design and must be easy to understand. Do not use any server side scripting in the forms.

The CSS of the website must be in an external CSS file. If one file is not suitable a maximum of two CSS files for the site is allowed. At least two CSS3 styles such as transitions, or rounded corners, or embedded fonts must be used.

JavaScript must be used in the HTML form validation. An error message must be displayed on the screen if the user tries to submit the form without filling any of the fields.

Header, Navigation, and Footer must be clearly defined and must be consistent throughout the website. The header of the website must be dedicated to you personally. Use your image with a relevant heading.

Navigation must be clear and intuitive. You can use Global primary, secondary, footer, or utility navigation. Try to avoid intext navigation .

The Website must have a minimum of eight pages. Two pages are fixed; index and contact me.

The index page or the home page must be named index.html. It must have your photo and a blurb (150 words max) about yourself. No other text is needed in this page. You can have a photo gallery if you want.

Contact me page must have a HTML form with required filed and when subject button is clicked the form is tested using JavaScript and if complete the data must be sent to you as an email attachment. No need to write PHP script.

Remaining Six pages can be of your choosing. Some suggestions are Education, Experience, Hobbies, Journal, Blog, Portfolio, Testimonials, Career, and Travel.

Once you have completed your selection discuss it with your tutor and finalise your 8 pages.

Part-A of your assignment is planning for your website. Identify 3 good web sites and 3 bad websites. Document what you like and don’t like in them. Write down the features you ant in your website. Clearly outline the purpose of your website. Identify your target audience.

Collect all the content (Images, Audio, Video, and Text files) that is required to develop your website. Prepare a sitemap. Create wireframes.

Document all these and show this document to your tutor as soon as possible. This way you have a better chance of getting good marks.

Part-B of your assignment is developing the website. Use your HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills to develop the website you designed in part-A.


Submission Requirements

Students must submit their Assignments through CANVAS shell. Email submission will not be accepted.


Assignment Part -A must be completed and documented using MS Word .

Assignment Part -B requires you to create a functioning website.

Put all those files in a Folder. Compress it (ZIP it) and submit the Zipped file through CANVAS Shell before the Deadline.

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