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HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help

HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help

Assignment and Essay Help

HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help

MS PowerPoint Presentation Report on Organization. This HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes. You can order this paper with us today. Determine core requisite competencies for the organization and differentiate a total rewards program to attract, retain, and motivate employees possessing the organization’s required competencies

In this HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help assignment, you will design and share an MS PowerPoint presentation that describes an organization, its current and future challenges, its capabilities, and the requisite competencies needed for its success. Unless you work for them, you may use any organization except Walmart, Google, Disney, and Hershey. Those organizations are overly reported in this class. You may use your own organization or any other as long as you can gain relevant and factual information about it.

Pretend you are making a presentation to the class. Make your key points on the HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help PowerPoint slide with concise wording (typically no more than 6 bullet points and no more than 6 words to a bullet point) and provide your added notes in the notes section of the presentation. Graphics are OK, but be sure they do not distract from the content being presented. You will look for and report on examples of the existing total rewards programs, including monetary, non-monetary, and the work environment (including values and culture). The MS PowerPoint presentation will include a report on existing metrics (organizational metrics or HR metrics), if any are present. If citations or Web site materials are used, in-text citations and sources presented on a References page using American Psychological Association (APA) format are expected. This information can be used in the final paper (the final assessment, a plan to change the organization’s total rewards programs). At least three references from the course materials are expected to be included in support of the information provided. Reference lists are to be in alphabetical order, not numbered, and with no bullet points.

One slide per segment that follows is suggested. More slides may be used if needed but keep in mind that being concise is a professional trait that is more effective than being overly verbose.

At the least, this HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help MS PowerPoint Presentation will include the following:

1.    Academic Title Slide (title of the paper, name, course number, university’s name, date)

2.    Introduction and Purpose for the Presentation (tell the pretend audience why you are making the presentation)

3.    Description of the Organization (this usually includes the organization’s products or services, where it is located, revenues, and the number of employees; the organization’s mission, vision, and values). Other pertinent information may be included

4.    Capabilities of the Organization (this is what the organization does best, such as innovating, being the first to market with its products and services, or being ready for combat)

5.    Requisite Competencies of the Employees (these are the required knowledge, skills, and abilities of the employees that support the capabilities of the organization

6.    Current and Future Challenges of the Organization (this could be not having enough applicants with the required competencies, a unionization attempt, a large number of the organization retiring, or an expansion of the organization)

7.    Academic Definition of Total Rewards Programs (you may take the definition from the Course Commentary or elsewhere, but a source is required)

8.    Description of the Existing Total Rewards Program of the organization:

• Monetary, such as their pay as compared to other organization

• Non-Monetary such as the list of benefits offered that could include medical benefits, paid time off, or tuition assistance

• Work Environment/Experience such as the values of the organization, the job itself, joy of accomplishing the mission, people in the organization, having fun at work, training, promotional opportunities

9.    Existing Metrics that Evaluate the Success of the Total Rewards Program (recall that metrics are merely measurements and are usually reported as a percentage or ranking. Examples of metrics could be a top employer in the state, percentage of turnover for the key positions in the organization, level of engagement of the employees as judged by a survey, or ability to attract new employees because of the total rewards program). Please state that in your slide if you do not find any metrics. Later in the course, you will create some for the organization.

9.    Conclusions (sum up your thinking about the organization and its total rewards program, such as whether you feel the organization is well positioned in its total rewards to attract, hire, and retain the employees it needs to achieve success)

10.  References (with a minimum of three references from course materials; references are to be in alphabetical order)

After you have submitted your assignment to the assignments folder, please share it in the discussion thread for week 4 for all the class to see and benefit from.

Following is the information for submitting your PowerPoint presentation to TurnItIn if you want to do so. You do not need to submit your powerpoint presentations for the originality report via TurnItIn, but you may find it helpful to do so.

The general rule is that no more than 30% of the HRMN 395 University Of Maryland University College Week 3 Assignment Help content is non-original. That is, 70% needs to be your own words, and no more than 30% verbatim quotes taken from others. The library at UMUC may be helpful if you have issues with TurnItIn.



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