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Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT

Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT

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Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT


Humanity is a dynamic species. Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT. We continually discover new things and develop cutting-edge technology that improves our lives. This also applies to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Everyone around the globe, including those who work in the education sector, has already been sparked by this amazing idea. Some of them fear that the development of ChatGPT would harm education and lead to students giving up on their academic endeavors. Our specialists, however, are certain that they will only gain from our AI language model.

Are you curious as to why? Let’s discuss the reasons in the article on this page. We’ve looked into ChatGPT’s advantages and ethical uses for students. We have also examined how effectively the language model handles producing various essay formats. Finally, we will provide some advice for creating ChatGPT prompts that are as effective as possible. We hope that this essay will help you understand the value and efficacy of this cutting-edge AI application.

Table of contents

  1.  What Is Chat GPT?
  2.  Ethics of Chat GPT
  3.  Different Essay Types
    1.  Informative
    2.  Persuasive
    3.  Narrative
    4.  Opinion
  4.  Writing Good Prompts
  5.  References


Introduction to Chat GPT

The development of technology by humanity led to the creation of ChatGPT. It is a program that simulates artificial intelligence using algorithms, making conversation with it as near to human communication as feasible. OpenAI, a startup that developed the chatbot to increase business productivity and efficiency, introduced it. The primary use cases for chatbots, including e-commerce, tech support, and training platforms, will be overrun by OpenAI.

Everyone has been attracted by ChatGPT’s variety of apps, which has already won over many users. In response to particular requests, it can generate and tailor answers. Its originality is in its capacity to write a meaningful article, a summary, or code in seconds. Even a preliminary diagnosis based on the symptoms the user provided is possible! ChatGPT eliminates the need for conventional, now archaic conversations by responding to queries in an almost natural conversational style. The language models of probabilities and sequences employed in its text recognition were responsible for achieving this.

If ChatGPT’s novelty has piqued your interest, check out our complete review article here.

 The Ethics of Chat GPT

You’ve probably heard about the moral panic that ChatGPT sparked among schools and universities. According to preliminary surveys, 89% of the hundreds of students polled have previously utilized the program to expedite the homework process. These numbers clarify why instructors and students are becoming concerned about the potential effects of deploying AI in the classroom.

Here, we’ll examine ChatGPT’s moral and ethical implications and suggest how students may use it.

Bad Idea: Using ChatGPT to Cheat

Indeed, the idea of using ChatGPT to write papers and turn them in as your own is bad for many reasons. Let’s take a closer look at them:

 Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Because plagiarism is a kind of intellectual property theft, it is seen as a crime in the academic world. You must credit the original author if you use their ideas or words in your work. In order for instructors to assess your knowledge, proficiency with the subject, and contribution to your academic field, the originality of your work is essential. You can demonstrate how the work of other academics has inspired your research by giving them due credit and including accurate references and citations. Presenting ChatGPT’s writing as your own is plagiarism because you cannot properly cite the company’s research. Many colleges’ policies state that this is unacceptable and has serious repercussions.
 The information given by ChatGPT is not always credible. Numerous sources dispute the accuracy and validity of the responses produced by ChatGPT. The chatbot has been described as a producer of entertaining rubbish that only passes for the truth. As a result, the issue is that it uses all of the online data and doesn’t screen out erroneous sources. As a result, the AI introduces falsified information into the flow of reliable and high-quality data, which may be difficult to identify. As a result, each program output needs to be double-checked and verified.
 Professors can tell whether AI was used to write an essay. The professors from the University of Minnesota discussed their thoughts on the papers produced by ChatGPT and mentioned that they found them to be pretty simple to identify. This is due to the chatbot’s conspicuously excellent grammar and repeating grammatical formulations. Moreover, an AI program cannot conduct an in-depth study that calls for analytical abilities. It will be difficult for pupils to identify the chatbot’s material if they refine it. According to University of New South Wales professors, the widespread use of chatbots may force universities to turn to handwritten or oral surveys.
 ChatGPT is not a very good student. We can claim that ChatGPT does not have the negative effects on academic performance that some educators worry it would. These findings come from a study at the University of Minnesota as a part of the faculty experiment in law. As a result of the chatbot’s responses to actual exam questions, academics gave it a modest but satisfactory grade. According to John Choi, the program has trouble with mathematical issues, multiple-choice tests, or papers requiring in-depth analysis and reasoning. As a result, ChatGPT handles the theory well but struggles with drawing inferences and assessments.
 AI detection software is already in use. Because of the pressing nature of the issue, programmers have started to create software that can identify text created by AI. As an illustration, Princeton University computer science student Edward Tian introduced the hugely well-liked application GPTZero. Based on the arbitraryness, complexity, and unevenness of the written words, it defines AI-generated text.


Better Idea: Use ChatGPT to Enhance Your Writing

We want to take the time to explain how ChatGPT can help you become a better writer. In reality, ChatGPT itself is the best person to describe its features. Let the AI speak for itself and explain how it can improve your writing:

“ChatGPT can boost pupils’ writing skills in various ways:

  1. Offering writing exercises and ideas for topics to assist pupils in honing their writing abilities.
  2. Giving pupils immediate feedback on their grammar, spelling, and syntax can help them write more accurately.
  3. Making ideas for different words and expressions to help writers and readers expand their vocabulary.
  4. Motivating pupils to read and evaluate texts created by others might aid them in understanding effective writing techniques.
  5. Helping students edit and rework their writing can help them develop critical thinking skills and increase the quality of their writing.
  6. Educating students on various writing approaches, such as persuasive, descriptive, and narrative writing, with explanations and examples will help them comprehend the numerous facets of writing.

SOURCE: OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT

ChatGPT and Different Essay Types

As you’ve seen above, ChatGPT includes many features that students can find helpful. We’ll concentrate on the last one in this section of the text, explaining and giving instances of various writing methods. We’ll discuss the various essay types you would find in a classroom context and assess how well the conversation can be used with them. Also, we will show how to contact ChatGPT with the correct request and detail what you’ll need to keep in mind when working with it. Finally, a sample prompt and the writing it produced are shown below each essay style.

Informative Essay

An informative essay’s primary goal is to inform the reader on a certain subject, as its name implies. It could be a historical occurrence, technological advancements, research findings, etc. The essay should not contain the author’s subjective evaluation, reflections, and analysis. We can discover a typical example on Wikipedia sites where we receive factual information about a certain subject.

The four categories of informative essays are:
Definition – The definition essay seeks to offer basic knowledge or an explanation of a subject.
Compare and contrast – they compare and contrast two or more phenomena related to the same application area.
Analysis: An analysis essay reveals the cause-and-effect correlations or interrelationships of the phenomena under consideration.
Instructional – An instructional essay acts as a manual outlining the steps to take to arrive at a specific outcome.

Tips for ChatGPT Prompts: Informative Essay

An informative essay may be the best writing type with ChatGPT. The language model has no trouble producing a high-quality article because it is based on factual facts. The most important thing to remember is to formulate your demands precisely. The words should be comprehensive but not excessively extensive to prevent the program from being deceived by the words. Additionally, don’t forget to double-check the information provided by the chat, as it may be wrong or obsolete. This is particularly true for references; you must verify them independently, even if they seem genuine.

Informative Essay

Persuasive Essay

persuasive essay presents contesting opinions, and our task is to prove the truth or relevance of one thought over the other. As a result of reading the essay, the reader should accept our point of view.

To do this, we use the following:

  • Sound evidence.
  • Facts.
  • Examples.
  • Justifications.
  • Quotes from influential people in the field.

Therefore, we can’t base the text solely on opinion but must also back it up. Your argument can be emotionally colored or purely logical, depending on your choice. A persuasive essay differs from a comparative essay as it elaborates on only one side – the one you’re promoting. Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT.

Tips for ChatGPT Prompts: Persuasive Essay

ChatGPT is fairly adequate at constructing persuasive essays. Its advanced language model can build any argument when the query is constructed correctly. Let us propose an example: you want to ask for an essay on whether students should be allowed to use phones at school. In this case, you must remember to clarify what position ChatGPT should take – for or against. You can also ask the program to build more emotional arguments or, conversely, to rely more on logic. This can be done in the original construction of the prompt. Alternatively, it can be requested in a supplementary message by asking the program to correct the text after receiving the first version.

Persuasive Essay

Narrative Essay

narrative essay is typically a text where you, as the author, share stories from your life. The key purpose is to share your experiences and build a certain picture of your personality for the reader.

You can talk about:

  • Past events.
  • Future plans.
  • Hypothetical scenarios.
  • Your values or qualities.
  • The character of someone close to you.
  • Your current life situation.

However, these stories can also be purely fictional. One of the key points of the narrative essay is the ability to hook the audience. Your story should be captivating and intricately designed with interesting word choices and sentence structures. For example, you can use comedy, irony, or tragedy elements to touch the reader’s heartstrings. Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT.

Tips for ChatGPT Prompts: Narrative Essay

Although narrative essays frequently describe personal experiences, you can still use ChatGPT for inspiration. If you are assigned to write a narrative essay on an open-ended topic, you can ask the chatbot to generate some ideas. You can also ask the program to generate text in a particular style or ask it to paraphrase your original writing to see how it can be improved. Remember that while this AI can provide many plots, they will still have fairly monotonous wording. You will need to perfect anything generated by ChatGPT on your own.

Essay Writing Hacks with Chat GPT


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