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Discussion Board Week 6 Part 1

Discussion Board Week 6 Part 1

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Discussion Board Week 6 Part 1


Discussion Board Week 6 Part 1 ATTITUDE FORMATION

Advertisers successfully use classical conditioning strategies to persuade consumers. Imagine that you are an advertising manager. For this Discussion Board Week 6 Part 1 Discussion, imagine the following scenario:

You are the advertising manager at an agency that has been hired by a corporation preparing to launch a new product. Your assignment is to design an advertisement that promises to popularize the new product and ultimately boost the corporation’s profit margin. A national ad launch guarantees the new product will have wide visibility, putting pressure on you to deliver a message that will encourage consumers to purchase the product.

For this Discussion, you will apply classical conditioning strategies to an ad campaign and analyze the formation of attitudes by classical conditioning.



To design an advertisement that applies classical conditioning strategies, we need to consider how to associate positive emotions and favorable attitudes with the new product. Here’s an example of how classical conditioning can be applied to an ad campaign:

  1. Identify a Positive Conditioned Stimulus (CS): Choose a well-established and positive stimulus that consumers already have a positive attitude towards. It could be something like a beautiful beach, a smiling child, or a popular celebrity.
  2. Introduce the Unconditioned Stimulus (US): Present the new product in an appealing and visually captivating way. Highlight its unique features, benefits, and how it can improve consumers’ lives.
  3. Create an Unconditioned Response (UR): Show the positive emotions and experiences associated with the chosen CS. For example, if the CS is a beautiful beach, depict people enjoying themselves, feeling relaxed, and having fun.
  4. Associate the CS with the US: Pair the CS (e.g., the beach) with the US (e.g., the new product) consistently throughout the ad campaign. Show how the new product is an essential part of the positive experiences depicted.
  5. Establish the Conditioned Stimulus (CS): Over time, the CS (beach) becomes associated with the positive emotions and favorable attitudes elicited by the US (new product). The CS alone starts to evoke the desired response.
  6. Reinforce the Conditioned Response (CR): Continuously reinforce the positive attitudes towards the CS (beach) by consistently portraying it alongside the new product. Reinforce the message that the product is an integral part of the positive experiences depicted.

By applying classical conditioning, the aim is to create a positive emotional response and favorable attitudes towards the new product. The repeated pairing of the CS (positive stimulus) with the US (new product) can lead to the formation of a conditioned response (favorable attitudes) towards the CS alone.

However, it’s important to note that classical conditioning is just one aspect of advertising, and its effectiveness may vary based on factors such as the target audience, market competition, and the overall quality and value of the product. To ensure a successful ad campaign, it’s crucial to conduct market research, understand the target audience’s needs and preferences, and deliver a compelling message that resonates with them.

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