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Cybercrime Assignment

Cybercrime Assignment

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CyberCrime Assignment

Assessment Details

For this cybercrime assignment, Research and select a cutting-edge technology, whether it is some form of artificial intelligence or digital home appliance (Alexa, Siri, etc.).

  • Describe what this technology does for the consumer.
  • How this technology can pose an information or cyber threat?
  • How can this technology be used for a crime or terrorism?
  • How can we take measures to prevent this technology from being used for nefarious activities?



Quantum Computing


Quantum computing is a rapidly evolving technology that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to perform complex computations at speeds significantly faster than classical computers. It can potentially revolutionize various fields, including cryptography, material science, drug discovery, and artificial intelligence. The most immediate impact for consumers may be in areas like secure communication, optimization problems, and solving complex scientific challenges.

Cyber Threats

Quantum computing, while promising, also poses significant information and cyber threats, primarily related to its potential to break current encryption standards. Traditional encryption methods, such as RSA and ECC, rely on the difficulty of factoring large numbers or solving discrete logarithm problems, which quantum computers can potentially do more efficiently. This could lead to the decryption of sensitive data, such as financial records, personal information, and government secrets.


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Use for Crime or Terrorism

Quantum computing can be misused for various criminal or malicious purposes. These include:

  1. Cryptography Attacks: Criminals or state actors could use quantum computers to break encryption, facilitating unauthorized access to confidential data, including financial records, trade secrets, or classified information.
  2. Blockchain Attacks: Quantum computing can threaten the security of blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies, potentially allowing malicious actors to double-spend or manipulate transactions.
  3. AI Manipulation: Quantum computing’s immense computational power can be used to manipulate AI algorithms, possibly for deepfake generation or the development of advanced AI-driven cyberattacks.
  4. Nuclear Research: Terrorists could potentially exploit quantum computing for advanced simulations related to atomic weapons development.


Preventive Measures

To mitigate the risks associated with quantum computing technology:

  1. Post-Quantum Cryptography: Develop and deploy post-quantum cryptographic standards resilient to quantum attacks. This involves transitioning from traditional encryption algorithms to quantum-resistant ones.
  2. Quantum-Safe Protocols: Invest in quantum-resistant communication protocols to protect sensitive data from eavesdropping. Solutions like quantum key distribution (QKD) can provide secure channels.
  3. Regulation and Oversight: Implement strict rules on the export, access, and use of quantum computing technology to prevent malicious use.
  4. Security Research and Education: Encourage research in quantum-safe security measures and educate professionals and the public about the potential risks and protective strategies.
  5. Redundancy and Data Security: Back up sensitive data and employ multiple layers of security to minimize potential damage in a quantum attack.
  6. Government Collaboration: Foster international cooperation to address quantum threats and establish global standards for quantum-safe security.

Quantum computing’s potential for positive and negative impacts necessitates a proactive approach to ensure its responsible development and mitigate its risks to information security and global stability.


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