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Contact Offenses Against Adults in Georgia

Contact Offenses Against Adults in Georgia

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Contact Offenses Against Adults in Georgia


This essay contains an insight into contact offenses against Adults in Georgia.

What are the typical motivators for the offender?

Contact offense describes a situation where the perpetrator of a crime is known to the victim. These offenses may be either physical or emotional. Most cases involving contact offenders do not get reported because of the intimate nature of the people involved; most cases involve family members,  relatives, and close friends who grew up with the victim. Reasons people carry out abuse towards people they know are depression,  insecurity, or jealousy, with females making up approximately 80% of the victims in non-lethal contact crimes. Contact murders against women comprise over 70% of the cases reported within Georgia (Nakashidze, 2020).

Describe the characteristics of offenders who typically commit the selected offense.

Contact offenders stalk their victims,  get to know more about cases and, in most cases,  interact daily with their victims. This means they know a lot about their victims as they can quickly tell where and when the targeted victim is at a specific time. They tend to also either be aggressive or good to their victims before carrying out the crimes,  depending on their motivation and aim. Most offenders against adults are adults who started contact offenses while still in their teens (Daquin & Daigle, 2020). It is also imperative to note that the offenders need not be very well known to their victims. Contact offenders are characteristically loners and people who have shown aggression towards someone or something.

Describe the victim’s profile (as connected to an offender’s victim pool). Include common reactions of a victim related to a sexual offense.


Contact Offenses Against Adults in Georgia


The victims of contact offenses tend not to report the cases as they fear or worry that their abusers may repeat the offenses. Due to this reason,  contact offenses get to be done repeatedly on the same victim. Due to the close contact or high level of intimacy between the two,  victims get a semblance of trust and thus do not get to safeguard themselves from the offenders. A victim of a contact sexual offense tends to be closely known and living within a neighborhood, house, or building. Serial contact offenders tend to target victims with the same qualities. These cases may go unreported or unprosecuted due to scanty evidence.

Describe the different types of laws related to the selected offense and how the offense is typically prosecuted.

Contact offense laws are grouped into personal, sexual,  financial, and inchoate offenses. These laws guide the prosecution process and help reach a proper judgment that will ensure justice is served while protecting the safety of the victim involved. All contact offenses must be dealt with with a reasonable and strict judgment against the offender executed to prevent or reduce the rate of reoccurrence of the offense. According to Evans et al. (2020), about 10% percent of contact offenses get reported, and only 1% of cases see the offender get prosecuted.

Describe the effectiveness of statutes and laws in reducing the occurrence of sex crimes.

Statutes and laws are not as effective as they should be in handling and reducing sexual offenses, and they cannot ensure the prior safety of the victims. There should be an amendment in the sexual offenses act to provide for the victim’s counseling and safety. This will ensure that they get to recover from the trauma.



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